Olympos Aktiviteler Pansiyon Ağaç Ev


How can we arrive at Olympos?

If you buy a ticket from Kamil Koç and Metro Tourism's Finike vehicles from Istanbul and Ankara, you can get off at Olympos minibus stop without change busses in Antalya. You can get to the Olympos minibus stop by taking the Kumluca-Kaş vehicles departing from the Antalya bus terminal. This trip takes about 1 hour. Minibuses depart from Olympos minibus stop to the shops hourly. This trip takes 10-15 minutes. You can get off by saying the name of the shop that you want to the driver.

You can follow the same route by taking a taxi from the airport or HAVAS to the Antalya Bus Terminal.

Airport transfers can be made by us. Transfers are chargeable. Please call for more information.

How is nightlife in Olympos?

Olympos has live music places and clubs in the evenings. In addition, we have our own bar in the hotel and you can spend pleasant moments in our garden accompanied by music.

What are the activities to do in Olympos?

Activities that can be done in Olympos such as canoeing, daily boat trip, rafting, climbing, hiking, cycling, diving and Chimera tour. For more information, please visit the “Activities” page.

Can we go to the beach with our car?

There is no car entrance to the beach. You can go to the tolls with your car then there is a mandatory walk way to the beach up to 400 meters. This road passes through the ancient city.

Is the entrance to the ancient city is chargeable?

Olympos Ancient City and beach entrance are chargeable. There is a beach-card available for those who don't want to pay every day (10 times entrance with the card is 30 TL) and Museum Pass is valid.

How much is the distance of the Sheriff Pension to the sea?

The distance of our pension to the beach is about 800 meters i.e. 10 minutes walking distance. You reach the beach by passing through the ancient city of Olympos.

What are available in the rooms? What does the half-board pension include?

All rooms are bungalows and have shower, restroom and air conditioning.

There are types of rooms with 2 seperate beds, double bed, double bed plus single bed and 3 seperate beds.

Half-board pension services include bungalow room, breakfast, dinner, hot drinks together with meals. Bath and hand towels are provided if you want.

What are breakfast and dinner times?

Breakfast 08:30 – 11.00
Dinner 20:00 – 21:00

What are the check-in and check-out times on the day of booking ?

Check in : 13:00
Check out : 11:00

What is required to register at the pension?

Registration with ID number and valid ID (ID Card, Driving License, Passport)

What is required for booking?

If the entry date, the number of days to stay, the number of people to stay and the room type are determined as definite, your name and your phone number are taken.

Reservation can only be made by down payment. It is paid 1 day fee for down payment. This is valid if you arrive on the day of booking. It is nonreturnable.

Is there ATM or Bank in Olympos?

There is no bank and ATM in Olympos.

Is it possible to pay by credit card at the pension? Do you accept payment by installment?

Credit card is valid in our business. Installment is not available.